Kind Acts

Have a kind act that you’ve experienced or noticed that you’d like to be recognized? Reach out to us!



In a world of divided people who rarely take time to show kindness I want to recognize a sweet soul. I have been going to a weekly class for three years. I’m usually quite rushed getting out the door and never remember to bring a water bottle for the 2 hour class. One of my group members took it upon himself from early on to take care of me. He brings an extra ice cold bottle each week for me and almost always a snack as well. I’m grateful and say thanks Mike you make the world a better place.


I remember fondly the kindness of my dear teenage grandsons. After difficult surgery I was home recuperating when the boys came over for a visit. They were so encouraging saying, “Grandma, what are you doing walking!” They complimented me throughout the entire visit on how well I was doing. I feel it was a turning point in my recovery and gave me the push I needed to get back to normal. In this day and age we don’t often see the kindness of teenage boys but I get that opportunity every day.



I remember going through the drive through of a coffee shop on a particularly hard day I was having. The kind person behind me bought my drink for me. It really helped to lift me up on a day when I truly needed it.



I saw this article and had to share it. How A Burger King Employee Went Above & Beyond For A Customer With Diabetes


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