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  • Christine

    I was so pleased to find this unique gift for my young niece and nephew. It’s important to me to show them that all people are equal and that even though we may look different, wear different clothing, we are part of this earth. They have enjoyed the gift and look forward to collecting all of the Peacekins to display in their rooms. Thanks you!

  • Nicolene

    The PeaceKins feel so right in a world that seems so divisive now. I have them displayed on my bookcase, in my living room. My children love looking at them.

  • Jerry and Jo

    I have found a gift in PeaceKins, that I can send to my relatives in Europe. I can use these for any occasion. They are greatly appreciated and admired by all my friends and relatives.

  • Kateri

    I am a middle school teacher in the Denver area and my students love PeaceKins. It’s such a great addition to our classroom and a fun way to encourage discussions about diversity.

  • pmccormack1968

    Love, love love the Peacekins! My first set was 3 for Halloween, then after viewing the website…went nuts! They are so special and what a wonderful owner! They are so creative and cute!

  • Loretta Lohman

    I purchased several masks for myself and posted a photo for friends. Ended up sending one to Scotland and several bought within Colorado. Easy to wash and wear and very stylish.

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