PeaceKin was founded in 2014 with the purpose of bringing peace to all those around the world. Our founder saw how people treated each other simply because of their race, their religion, or even their occupation. In order to solve this issue for the next generation by showing children that all people are equal, no matter what, the PeaceKin was created. Kids & adults can learn the important values of equality while displaying the PeaceKin. In addition, the PeaceKin are great collectible items and are all hand made with love in Denver, Colorado.


About the artist:

Colorado artist Kevin Capra brings to us a creative way to learn about cultural diversity and friendship.

Being passionate about teaching children peace and getting along with their fellow man, led to the creation of PeaceKin.  They are collectible doll-like figures, each representing a different country or culture.  They have magnetic hands so that they can hug or hold hands with each other. The message is that everyone in the world can peacefully coexist and be friends (we are all the same even though we come from different cultures).

Each one of the Nationality PeaceKin comes with a name card and background story. They’re all 100% handmade including, 3D printed bodies and hand sewn clothing. The hair usually presents a fun challenge, which is why each one is so unique.  Dedicated to helping spread peace, a portion of the profits will go to a variety of charitable organizations with the same goal.

Contact information:

Founder and CEO:

Kevin Capra



Nicolas Capra

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