Gay Pride PeaceKin



Celebrate your LGBTQ+ Pride with a special PeaceKin!  These are all hand made, and no 2 are the same, so if you like the general look of one of the samples, let us know, or we can surprise you.

Make sure to let us know what you would like on your Pride Parade sign, or give us a new one.  Examples include: Gay Pride, Being Gay Is Like Glitter It Never Goes Away, I Didn’t Choose To Be Gay I Just Got Lucky,  Love Is A Human Right, ALL Are Welcome Here, Marry Who You Love, I Am Gay Straight Bi Transgender… A Person, When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power The World Will Know Peace, Homophobia: The Irrational Fear That A Gang Of Gay Men Will Break Into Your Home and REDECORATE.


All PeaceKin are 100% Handmade, there might be variations of fabric and hair and skin tone, if you would like one exactly like the photo, please specify in the “Special Requests” area.

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