Italian PeaceKin



Name: Nicolas – Meaning: “Victory”

Ciao! My name is Nicolas which means “victory” in Italian. When I finish school, I’d like to be a gondolier like my father and continue the tradition of my grandfather and great-grandfather before me. In Venice, gondolas, long wooden boats that are navigated through the canals using an oar, are passed down from generation to generation. It will take great strength, skill and nearly 400 hours of instruction to become a proper gondolier before I am able to maneuver my boat through the busiest canal in Venice, the Grand Canal.  I better start eating more pasta so I can get stronger!


All PeaceKin are 100% Handmade, there might be variations of fabric and hair and skin tone, if you would like one exactly like the photo, please specify in the “Special Requests” area.

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